Small Business IT Support Auckland

Give Your Small Business the IT Support in Auckland It Needs

You can prevent computer issues from impacting your small business with IT support in Auckland. Often, technical difficulties can prevent companies from accessing their documents or efficiently completing their work. Tanglin Consultancy Limited provides businesses with assistance in these areas to avoid problems and keep them operating,

How a Small Business Computer Consultant in Auckland Can Help Your Business

We categorise our services into four key areas. Our consultants will help you transform your system by:

  • Optimising – We’ll start with the IT infrastructure that you already have in place and determine where it’s working for your business and where it’s failing to meet your needs. We’ll then apply the available technology to put your infrastructure to its best use.  
  • Supporting – If you already have adequate IT systems and a high-quality infrastructure, you need a team that can provide ongoing support. We offer small business computer consulting in Auckland that ensures your team gets full advantage of your existing network and technology.
  • Changing – Periodically, you’ll need to update your IT infrastructure. That process can be fraught with inefficiencies and challenges if it’s not managed correctly. Our team can help you eliminate the struggles associated with this change and help you keep working without interruption.
  • Operating – The most common IT consultant role in your business is providing ongoing assistance. We’ll be there for you when you need technical support and ensure that your systems are operating optimally at all times.

What is Included in Small Business IT Consulting in Auckland?

When you make the transition to externally managed IT services, your company may need to make some adjustments. Fortunately, this adjustment period is brief, and our team can manage it for you to minimise any interruptions. Using the CObIT (Control Objectives for Information and related Technology) method, we gradually make the transition for you.

  • Together, we’ll plan for how technology should serve your business. We’ll identify the target areas to improve before making changes.
  • Next, we’ll acquire the technology that your business needs. Whether it’s new software, hardware, or both, we’ll integrate it into your business.
  • Alongside the technical aspects, we’ll provide support for your employees so that they know how to use the new systems. We also offer security services to ensure that no unforeseen weaknesses remain in your new system.
  • After we implement the new system, we transition to the monitoring phase. Here, we’ll observe how the system functions so that we can make adjustments as needed and ensure that the technology works as designed.

About Tanglin Consultancy Limited

We’re a boutique IT services provider that understands the importance of truly understanding each client’s needs. Your business is unlike any other, so your technology needs may vary significantly from other companies in the same field. For nearly 20 years, we’ve helped businesses manage their technology needs and boost employee productivity. From the moment we start with a new client we seek ways to simplify their workflows and enhance their profits. Contact us today to learn how Tanglin Consultancy Limited can help your business become more successful today and hereafter.