From emailing to mass file sharing and presentations,
Office 365 has an intuitive and user-friendly set of applications that will make your operations easier.


Tanglin offers the full installation and support of the Microsoft Office 365 platform, which gives businesses and enterprises cutting edge apps in order to collaborate, communicate, organise and create a streamlined set of files that can be easily shared and viewed across your whole organisation. This platform is one of the leading office programs in the world, so you can rest assured that your clients, suppliers and partners will most likely be familiar with it and be able to receive files from your business easily.

Apps Include*

*Apps vary depending on your chosen plan of Office 365

Office 365 Installation

Our team will consult with you about what you need to achieve with the use of Office 365, how many people will need to use it and the apps you are most likely to find beneficial to your operations. After we’ve agreed upon your exact requirements, we can discuss your options for Office 365 Plans, as they vary in price and access depending on what you need and for how many users. 

The full purchase and installation of your chosen Office 365 plan will be fully taken care of on your behalf across all devices required within your business, and we can assist with connecting them and showing you how to use them, so you can start benefiting from them straight away.


Office 365 Support

Ongoing support of your Office 365 is easy for our team to troubleshoot any connectivity issues, app tutorials, updates and upgrades if required. You can trust us to keep on top of essential updates and ensure that the program continues to optimise your productivity instead of hindering it as the apps evolve and your business grows. 

We can offer training for new staff and update training for existing staff as new features appear or new apps are made available for your use.

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