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The Tanglin team, headed by Mark Perratt, is highly established with decades of experience in the technical solutions industry, providing solid tech infrastructures and ongoing management for businesses. Our services mean our clients never had to lift a finger when it comes to their business tech systems again. Our clients understand the advantage gained by using solid information technology (IT) infrastructure and having it managed for them by specialists in our field.

We work remotely, so you won’t see us unless there’s a serious problem, but you can rest assured your tech support and systems are constantly being taken care of behind the scenes.

What Tanglin Does For Your Business


Tanglin will optimise the appropriateness, performance and capacity of your tech systems to ensure they meet the exact needs of your business. Tanglin will leverage existing and new technologies to give your business a competitive edge.


Tanglin will support your equipment, software and processes. The objective is to minimise downtime by proactively monitoring your IT infrastructure and ensure problems are reported and resolved quickly.


Tanglin has significant experience in managing IT change. This involves guiding your team through change, educating staff and ensuring that new equipment, software or processes deliver benefits to the business.


Tanglin will ensure your IT infrastructure is reliable and performs optimally. Tanglin places paramount importance on managing your IT infrastructure on a long-term basis, rather than popping in to fix something that can quickly be broken again shortly after.

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