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Our technical support and management services include all of the following on a long-term basis plan, meaning your business gets exactly the technical support it needs – when it needs it.
We find out exactly what you need from your business regarding the technical side of things. We consider your goals, the number of staff who need easy access to the systems, the locations required to access, and all other requirements and functions you need your tech infrastructure to perform.
Our team designs a fully realised and strategic architectural plan of how we will build your infrastructure, where everything is going to live, and what equipment will be used at each point. Imagine building a house without a detailed plan; you wouldn’t, right? The same goes for technical infrastructure.

Protecting your data and systems from ever-evolving outside threats. Using Sentinel One, a leading force in anti-cybercrime technology, we make sure your business is safe and secure from outside interference.

We can also offer this service separately for personal home systems.

As a general rule, we continue on as the tech management team of your newly designed and constructed technical infrastructure, taking care of and upgrading it on a long-term basis. We do all of this from offsite and make sure your systems are optimised at all times. We do it all so you don’t even have to think about it.

Our monitoring includes making very regular checks on your systems every day for any potential issues and ensuring your systems are always running at optimal levels. With constant monitoring, we can drastically reduce any disruption to your tech solutions to ensure your business never experiences any downtime.

No longer will technology be a black hole for your money. Our team provides an incredibly detailed yearly report for every inch of your technical infrastructure, with projections to assist your budgets. Our reports ensure that you are never in the dark about your technical budgeting or upgrade requirements, with a head’s up years in advance.

As part of our management services, we purchase all of the equipment required for your technical infrastructure. We choose the best systems for your particular needs and are not affiliated with any specific manufacturers; we go with whichever brand is most appropriate for your requirements. As equipment ages, we take responsibility for decommissioning old equipment and replacing it with updated alternatives.

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