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5 March 2010

Mark Perratt
Tanglin Consultancy

Dear Mark,

I believed it was timely to write to you given the recent successful launch of iNZtant and that it has been a little over 5 years since you became involved with Pacific Horizon Motorhomes. I am not often moved to write to consultants but I have to say I am pleased to do so on this occasion.

I have to say a lot has happened over that time!

I will not forget the timely job you did in taking our Wellington only, operationally at the brink of failure, ‘home made’ network populated with a mish-mash of PC’s and transitioning it into a New Zealand wide network that now provides real time data and communications to all of our locations anchored around a server group that supports all of our functionality. And it was done in a timely way and on budget.

As you will recall the initial purpose of your involvement was not to mend our network and provide a stable IT working environment (but we were grateful you did) but to assist us transform many of our manual systems and processes onto an IT based platform that removed repetitive manual tasks, streamlined processes, automated the very complex booking and fleet administration systems and link this to our customer facing web presence to give us an online real-time booking and fleet management system (iNZtant).

At the outset we new this would be very difficult and this proved to be correct. That said, I am extremely grateful for the approach you took in truly getting to understand our business, process map much of what we did at that time, and develop a graduated plan that bought the transformational elements together in a logical way while keeping business risk low. What you delivered to us is exceptional and has now enabled us to do business 24/7 with our clients from around the world. The solution you delivered is world class, not only because it delivered on the objectives (actually more given the scope stretch we created) but it has also created revenue and cost savings beyond that we expected.

Behind all of this was your ongoing commitment to supporting our network and hardware (no matter what the time of the day or night it was) as well as the new applications and functionality you delivered as we moved towards iNZtant’s full deployment.

As I said at the start, I am not one to give praise lightly. On behalf of the Board I want to express our thanks for the achievements over the past five years, your perseverance through the challenges of delivering such a complex solution, your patience as we dealt with the vagaries of the tourism industry and the professional relationships you have built with all of the staff involved in all of these transformations.

Thank you and best regards.

John Cooper
Managing Director
Pacific Horizon




August 2010

My relationship with Tanglin and Mark Perratt has been one of the most productive in my business career.

An initial audit of an IT system which was no longer serving the business quickly led to the architecture and installation of a new system by Tanglin which promptly delivered significant productivity gains and a greater level of protection and security of data. The process was well planned, managed and implemented with minimal disruption to operations.
Maintenance has subsequently been excellent with regular proactive communication on behalf of Tanglin and few real issues over a number of years. Necessary upgrades or looming issues have been notified in good time and comprehensive option and costings reports prepared on which the company has been able to base it’s decisions.
The system has proved itself over time and again and subsequent upgrades have maintained cutting edge performance and further enhanced data safety, security and recovery.

In my experience Tanglin are responsive to their client’s business needs and take the time to understand how the IT infrastructure can support these most effectively from a number of angles before they move forward. They also unravel the complexities of IT and explain issues in straightforward language so the client can understand what the options mean and what value they receive for their investment.

I truly believe that money spent with Tanglin is an investment and not the black hole that many perceive IT to be. I would certainly recommend Tanglin to any organisation.

John Gardiner
Candor3 Limited

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When Workz4U set up over 4 years ago, we chose Tanglin Consultancy as our IT provider due to their professionalism. They supplied and maintained our initial set up of server, computers and software, and then ensured that our growth was smoothly absorbed into the system.

Since then it is Tanglin’s reliability that has come to the fore. I hear people praising their IT support by saying that when their servers go down, they are fixed with great speed. I find this very interesting because the Workz4U server doesn’t go down unless Tanglin want to upgrade it, which shows that their monthly maintenance systems work perfectly.

Tanglin also ensure that our backups are solid, giving us security of data which in these days is paramount.

I would highly recommend Tanglin to any company wanting a professional, reliable IT company who will ensure you have a computer system that is set up for your unique requirements and is worry free.

Donna Vincent
Workz4U Limited

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7 June 2011

To whom it may concern.

Tanglin Consultancy Limited

Since 2004, all of the IT services for the The NBR New Zealand Opera have been carried out by Mark Perratt of Tanglin Consultancy Limited. As a relatively small not-for-profit organisation, we cannot contemplate employing an IT specialist in-house, and so it is essential that we use someone who understands our limitations and yet can provide a top-class service. That not only have we maintained our relationship with Tanglin for such a long period, but also have no intention in changing in the future, is testament to the high value we place on their work for us.

Whenever an IT problem develops, the need is for a swift response, and Mark has always dealt with our technological hiccups with an impressively rapid reaction-time. But beyond this, the off-site monitoring of our server gives us considerable piece of mind, and we have had numerous examples over the years of problems being nipped in the bud before they could escalate into something graver. Our IT budget is lamentably small, and whenever we have sought advice on new equipment or upgrades, we know that we are pointed to products that are within our means, and yet will provide robust service over a length of time. In short, we feel that Tanglin have a full grasp of our organisation, and that the services provided are expressly tailored for our needs.

It is also a pleasure to emphasise the one-on-one personal relationship that Tanglin have built-up with all our staff. Mark is happy for any of our team to report problems to him directly, and if it is possible to rectify remotely, will guide the person through a solution in easy-to-follow language. In short, we consider him an integral part of the Opera ‘family’, and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the company to any new clients.

Aidan Lang
General Director
New Zealand Opera






May 2012

We started using Tanglin Consultancy as our IT consultants in 2009, after being dissatisfied with the service of our previous IT providers.

Our server had been making disturbing noises from time to time and despite repeatedly asking our incumbent IT service providers to advise me on a solution, it was not forthcoming.
Given the server provides such an important role in our business, it would have been extremely disruptive should it have failed.

The Principal behind Tanglin Consultancy, Mark Perratt, was in our office on other business, when he heard the server making the disturbing noises and expressed a concern.
Mark and his team then undertook an audit of our hardware and made recommendations as to upgrade of various items including the server.

We have used Tanglin Consultancy as our IT consultants since that time and are impressed with their expertise and product knowledge. We find that they make themselves available when we need them and that their general approach is a contentious and reliable one.

Lovegroves Lawyers are pleased that we made the change to Tanglin Consultancy and recommend them to other businesses.

Yours faithfully

Kevin Harborne

Lovegroves Lawyers

Lovegroves lawyers

Mark and the Tanglin crew ensured the New Zealand Opera team had a smooth transition for lockdown. IT infrastructure was effectively in place and within a couple of hours of the notice to close office, all our team have the capability to work from home.

Big thanks to Mark for the foresight and effort to make it happen!

Steffan Sinclair – Accountant


Nicoll Jackson is an accounting practice in St Heliers. Tanglin Consultancy Limited has looked after our IT infrastructure for many years. Mark and his team had set up the IT infrastructure so that it was secure and able to handle remote working.

With COVID-19 the transition was seamless and we are able to continue to support our clients working remotely.

We are so happy that the team from Tanglin Consulting have ensured that our IT infrastructure is robust and was able to smoothly transition to a remote working environment.

If you are wanting an IT provider that is able to get your business IT sorted in this current environment then I have no hesitation in recommending Tanglin Consultancy Limited.

John Proctor – Accountant