Network Security Consultants in Auckland

Why Are Network Security Consultants in Auckland So Important Today?

With the complicated digital landscape businesses face today, teaming up with network security consultants in Auckland can be the key to peace of mind. At Tanglin Consultancy Limited, helping our business partners secure themselves against modern technological threats is an integral part of our work. With threats such as malware and ransomware, it’s worth considering why you might need outside help.

Why Ransomware Consultants in Auckland Are Important for Your Business

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that infects your computer systems, encrypts your data, and locks you out until you pay for access. Here’s why you should enlist help to guard against this threat:

  • Ransomware authors increasingly target businesses, and not only the big players, but many SMBs too. Why? Smaller companies tend to have a laxer approach to network security, which makes them enticing targets because it will be easier to infect their systems. With ransomware attacks costing billions globally in both lost revenue and actual financial impacts, now is the time to invest in better security. 
  • Your business likely generates, maintains, and relies upon more data than it could replace. A good plan of attack includes not only a robust security solution but also backup plans that serve to minimise the damage or contain it to an acceptable level. 
  • These threats may be on the rise, but they are still comparatively rare compared to other worst-case scenarios — so a dedicated internal security team is probably not a necessary expenditure, especially when there is little room in the budget for such an expense. Working to implement a robust security solution such as SentinelOne with a consultant in Auckland, however, is a much more cost-effective way to plan for the worst. 

Common Misconceptions People Have About Using an Anti-Virus Consultant in Auckland

Anti-virus services are crucial, but take care to avoid lending credence to the following myths: 

  • The only thing your consultant will do is set up some software that you could install on your own. We wouldn’t want to enlist assistance from such a service, either. However, this is not what we do at all. Instead, an anti-virus consultant works to develop a more definite sense of the threat profile facing your business while creating strategies for reducing risk.
  • Your business isn’t important enough to be a target, so why should you need to invest in a consultancy service to harden your IT security? While it may seem that you fly under the radar for hackers, any business can be a target, just as poor security practices may inadvertently open the door for a serious malware event. Every business should have a plan and safeguards in place. 
  • This is a one-time transaction — once you’re set up with good security today, there’s no more need to worry about tomorrow. Digital threats constantly evolve, as do the best practices for guarding against them. A long-term resource for protecting your assets is essential.

Tanglin Consultancy Limited’s History 

We have more than 20 years of proven experience helping other businesses develop a robust IT infrastructure, implement best security practices, and use these tools for success. With our background in the IT sector, we’ve seen the changes the industry has faced over the years, learning to adapt along the way. Find out how we can keep your company more secure today.