Complete Array of IT Services

Optimising: Tanglin Consultancy will optimise the appropriateness, performance and capacity of your IT infrastructure to ensure it meets the needs of your business. Tanglin will leverage existing and new technologies to give your business a competitive edge.

Supporting: Tanglin Consultancy will support all of your existing equipment, software and processes. The objective is to minimise downtime by proactively monitoring your IT infrastructure and to ensure problems are reported and resolved as quickly possible.

Changing: Tanglin Consultancy has significant experience in managing the process of change. This involves guiding staff through change, educating staff and ensuring that new equipment, software or processes represent a significant improvement.

Operating: Tanglin Consultancy will ensure your IT infrastructure is reliable and performs optimally. Tanglin places paramount importance on managing your IT infrastructure on an on-going basis.


Find Qualified IT Consultants in Auckland to Keep Your Business Moving

There’s a substantial difference between a small business that takes a DIY approach to technical support and those who hire outside IT consultants in Auckland. The companies that rely on professional IT support have more consistent, reliable networks and computers. They also benefit from experienced advice that can help them determine the best ways to maintain and upgrade their technical networks. When you want to get the best results from your employees, you need to give them the support they need to succeed in every task.

How IT Services in Auckland Can Help Your Business

Tanglin Consultancy Limited offers comprehensive IT consulting services, which include several categories:

  • Infrastructure Management – Our team provides the daily support that your employees need to resolve any problems that arise, as well as ensuring that your employees have access to the files they need for their work. We work in tandem with your HR and project managers to ensure that they have technological resources at their disposal.
  • Strategy and Development – As technology advances and your company grows, your technology needs will change. We continually research better ways for companies to use the available technology and work with them by creating smooth plans to integrate it without causing any disruptions to your workflows.
  • Monitoring and Support – We view our role as your offsite CIO and IT department. We take full responsibility for your needs in these areas and continuously monitor your system performance. Whenever we observe oddities or failures, we investigate and resolve the problems for you.

We believe in creating long-term relationships with our clients. The longer we work with the same company, the better our solutions and support become.

Why an IT Consultant in NZ Is Cost-Effective for Your Business

Entrepreneurs are accustomed to solving their problems on their own to keep costs low. Once they succeed in their initial ventures and develop into small or medium businesses, however, their needs far outpace their ability to handle them in-house. Consider how outsourcing your IT services in NZ can provide a net benefit for your company:

  • Our company uses well-trained specialists who understand the ins and outs of technology. We provide this service for many companies, so our team is continually honing their skills and developing new techniques. You can take advantage of our experience without having to spend years providing in-depth training to new staff members.
  • As our familiarity with your systems and the work you do increases over time, we can always provide better recommendations and IT support. This added familiarity results in more value for your business, and we will propose helpful ways to expand or improve your existing technological infrastructure.
  • We eliminate the guessing games related to IT services. Our team’s experience with other companies means that we’ve seen many problems that can appear on networked systems. We’ve also helped many companies increase their profits by intelligently investing in better systems.

IT support in Auckland is about more than computer systems. We reduce your workload, empower your employees to be more productive, and consistently seek new ways to improve your business’s technology solutions.

About Tanglin Consultancy Limited

For nearly two decades, Tanglin Consultancy Limited has been providing exceptional IT support services to businesses in Auckland. Many of our clients have been with us for more than ten years, as they have experienced the benefits that our services bring. When you hire us, we’ll first assess your system to see how your current setup is working; then, we’ll begin making recommendations based on your unique needs. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about our IT services.