Working with clients to develop robust and practical Information Systems

Tanglin Consultancy Limited is an established business with a clear focus – to help our clients compete to win in business.

Our strength is in working with clients to develop robust and practical information systems. We ensure that information processes, applications and infrastructure help clients achieve their business objectives.

We work with a range of key suppliers to deliver a complete service to our clients. We work with a very select clientele, companies which understand the advantage their IT infrastructure affords them in being successful.

Our clients are engaged in many sectors including tourism, finance, law, medical, engineering and entertainment. While their industry sectors are diverse, their information requirements are similar.

Our clients are at the top of their fields and win awards for their success.

Most small and medium businesses neither need nor can afford a “full-time” executive thinking about technology. But they do need someone dedicated to them to help them strategize, plan, obtain and use technology to achieve their business objectives.

Maintaining a relationship with a consultant CIO (Chief Information Officer) creates a repository of knowledge and provides continuity not otherwise possible for small or mid-size companies.