Businesses are required to be flexible and operate very differently in these unprecedented and challenging times of Covid19. The Government imposed lockdown; closing all non-essential businesses is putting a massive strain on the survival of all businesses. Continuity plans are being tested. IT infrastructure is being put under pressure in ways many have not anticipated.

Staff need to be productive working from home. Organisational data needs to be available to staff in isolation. Corporate data still needs to be secure. Networks, Servers and Devices still need to be supported and protected from malicious parties.

How well has your organisation transitioned to this new working environment?
Is your network coping?
Do your staff have the ability to work from home, with access to the data they need?

Tanglin’s clients across the board, have transitioned to working from home without any issues at all.
Data and Devices are still as secure as they were before Covd19.
All staff are supported and monitored as they were previously.

It seems that some staff are preferring to work from home.

This success has only been possible because our clients IT infrastructure has been architected to support unforeseen circumstances such as Covid19.

What capabilities have been architected into our clients IT infrastructure

  1. Network access that can sustain moving data from the organisation’s data storage to staff as they require it seamlessly whether they are present inside the organisation or working from home
  2. Security encapsulating this movement of data from centralised storage to staff
  3. Multiple security measures in place to secure the data and devices used by staff, regardless of where they are working
  4. Support and monitoring continues to work regardless of location